Our Services
DEBNER is more than a full-service furniture dealer.

With an extensive range of integrated services, we go beyond getting the job done to create lasting results in spaces that accentuate and elevate the way you work.

We work from the studio concept of team servicing, allowing for the highest level of expertise within each service discipline involved in a project. This network of individuals ensures a free and steady flow of information between people and gives our clients a high-touch experience with an informed, active team.

Specification + Planning
Workspace solutions for the real world.

Office furniture is a critical decision not only because of the significance of the investment, but also because it interacts with an organization’s most valuable and critical asset: its people. Workplace furniture is the platform they use for communicating, collaborating and making decisions. Years of experience in our industry has proven an efficient, comfortable and inviting space equips people to be ultimately more productive and satisfied at work.

Furniture Specification

We are experts in identifying the perfect products and configurations to transform an office into an efficient and beautiful workspace that enhances organizational culture and goals. Our team tailors unique furniture plans for the exact needs of each workplace, considering every requirement dictated by budget, scheduling and space. We partner with the most progressive and innovative manufacturers to seamlessly blend design with practical functionality.

Furniture Space Planning

Our goal is always to plan a workplace that works the way our client works. That's why our experienced space planners create detailed plans using industry-leading technology that accounts for condition variances. This precise tool ensures products are ordered or manufactured with the specifications needed to install a custom solution on schedule and within budget.


DEBNER's design team specializes in sophisticated renderings that illustrate spatial relationships, finish selections and overall aesthetic. Our renderings bring product specifications to life, allowing clients to visualize their workplace before the products are even ordered.

The Planning Unit

DEBNER has developed a proprietary tool for the ever-increasing challenge of selecting ancillary and collaborative furnishings, which can constitute up to 50% of a floor plan, while also maintaining design intent and budget. Our experienced team leverages supplier relationships and vendor spending to keep your project on track and this time-saving tool provides lead times and pricing options for each ancillary item, capturing running total spend with allowances for fabrics, leathers, freight, and installation. Sound interesting? Send us a note at theplanningunit@debner.com

Project Management
Inspiration meets flawless execution.

With thoughtful planning, we can ensure a project’s success before it begins. DEBNER’s project management philosophy is designed to provide effective leadership, keen attention to detail and valuable partnerships with manufacturers throughout the project cycle. We manage every last detail without losing sight of the big picture.

Product Procurement

We carefully assess pricing to ensure compliance with buying agreements, working closely with manufacturers to ensure pricing is inclusive, accurate and competitive.

Order Processing + Management

From order entry to tracking the progress of each product in manufacturing, no detail is lost in the management of our clients' orders. We understand products must be manufactured precisely as specified and delivered on schedule.

Construction Meetings

We pride ourselves on our team approach, which engages the client, architect, designer and contractors as true partners throughout a project. By attending construction and planning meetings as part of this team, we can better ensure shipping, receiving and installation accurately align with the project schedule.

Scheduling + Phasing

No two projects are exactly alike. Each requires considerable foresight and competency in the coordination of installation schedules with shipping, client move-in and building access schedules. We are committed to meeting our clients' operational dates each and every time.

Delivery + Installation

We cover all the details to ensure installation is executed efficiently, safely and on time. Our experienced installation professionals and field supervisors are highly skilled in installing products according to each manufacturer's prescribed methods and specifications.


Our customer service doesn't end with installation. We want our clients to fully realize and enjoy the value of their investment in workplace solutions in partnership with DEBNER, a true full-service dealer. That's why we have a dedicated support team to help with resolving warranty claims or damages and finding solutions for workplace reconfigurations or furniture restoration.

Asset Management
Capitalizing on your workplace investment.

Our asset management services protect your investment and extend the lifespan of your workplace environment, maximizing use and minimizing waste.

Inventory + Valuation

For clients with existing assets, we can prepare detailed inventory reports that explore the potential uses of unused or repurposed furniture. Our space planning team creates as-built drawings to illustrate product usage and spatial relationships, as well as determine the most effective reuse and distribution strategies.

Furniture Standards

By developing and implementing a standards program, we help our clients regulate cost and maintain a consistent appearance in the workplace. This long-term planning sustains the function and aesthetic of the workplace design and minimizes disruption during transitional periods.

Warehousing + Storage

It's in the nature of an organization to expand, contract and restructure over time. When such shifts occur within a workplace, underutilized furniture may need to be removed. DEBNER's headquarters include a warehouse facility with storage for our clients' furniture assets, which may be later redistributed as needed.


When new furniture is not needed, our space planning team reconfigures existing assets in updated applications to refresh an unchanging workplace or fit current inventory into a new facility. This process ensures maximum utilization of furniture assets and reveals additional components that may be needed to better serve a team working within a given space.

Touch-Up and Refinishing

Existing furniture can often be restored to extend its useful life. Our service team inspects existing assets to determine whether restoration is a cost-effective solution. Capabilities include touch-up and refinishing, upholstery services, panel and textile cleaning services, and fabrication or modification in our on-site woodshop. If restoration is advantageous to our client, our team coordinates services, delivery and re-installation of restored products.

Brokerage + Disposal

DEBNER maintains connections with a vast network of furniture brokers dedicated to responsibly removing surplus assets from our clients' facilities. We strive to meet financial, social and environmental objectives through a customizable selection of services, from reselling, recycling and repurposing viable assets to converting unusable surplus into clean energy.

Change Management
In our decades of experience in the field, DEBNER has witnessed firsthand the evolution of workplaces and work styles.

That’s why our service line has expanded to include more than just furniture. We’re here to help effect productive and progressive change in workplace dynamics, managing the transition carefully to meet the expectations and assuage the concerns of the people whom it impacts most directly.

Workplace Transformation Management

Making a major change can be unsettling for an organization’s team and challenging for its management. DEBNER helps in the execution of a workplace transformation by establishing defined objectives and developing a plan to prepare the organization, meet standards, accomplish goals and evaluate results, ensuring the smoothest transition and most successful outcome.

Flexible Environments

Many organizations have seen their culture and teams settle into a more collaborative, casual work style that simply can’t be supported by traditional, closed-off spaces. Debner works with clients to engineer highly flexible and customizable open workspaces that sustain productivity while better equipping teams to work the way they want to work: together, in exciting and inspiring spaces that blend perspectives and inspire creativity.

Post-Change Support

Debner strives to set the standard for service, remaining involved in a project even past its completion to assist in completing the shift to the new space. Our support team helps to minimize stress and resolve any issues that may arise after installation, communicating timelines clearly and assisting management in addressing concerns and making the overall experience positive and constructive for the organization.