About Us
DEBNER is Houston’s premier partner in the innovation of progressive solutions that capture the dynamic nature of today’s workplace.

Founded in 1991 on the principle of exceptional service, we bring visions to life with our history of earned expertise and skillful execution.

We change perspectives by changing environments, outfitting productive spaces with modern concepts and inspired, enduring style.

Our solutions are built on collaboration and enhanced by customization. It’s not just about the furniture, it’s the way you work.

To create inspired, original workplace solutions that bring teams together, paving the way for innovation and success for our clients and ourselves.

To define and maintain the standards of quality and service for our industry in Houston and beyond, earning a reputation as people of unwavering integrity who push the boundaries of the evolving office.


Our values are the foundation upon which our company is built and the compass guiding our approach to achieving our business goals. They are at the root of our actions as individuals and as an organization, the basis of our vibrant company culture and enduring client relationships.

We are transparent and honest with our clients from beginning to end, providing an experience with only the best kind of surprises. By putting their interests at the forefront and giving our best in every interaction, we build meaningful and reciprocal professional relationships.
Our people-first approach means our company culture feels like family. We believe we’re better together and our successes are exponentially greater through collaboration. Our vibrant group is formed on creativity, diversity and respect, and we think of our clients as part of the team.
We invest our passions plus Debner’s unique capabilities and resources to make a difference in our city. Our personal and corporate commitments are echoed in the activities and initiatives we engage in, from donating furniture to supporting students in the field.
We are committed to managing safety, environmental and health risks at our facility and on the job, leaving nothing to chance. Every step of a project is thoughtfully planned and carefully executed to minimize hazards and sustain the wellbeing of both our clients and our team.
Beyond physical safety, we establish a sense of security for our clients so they can feel confident their assets are in good hands. We protect investments by recognizing the variable nature of the workplace, offering solutions for reconfiguration, restoration or disposal of inventory as needed.
The solutions we seek for our clients are environmentally and economically responsible, reducing wastefulness with long-term planning and enduring products. The materials and concepts we use make sustainability realistic, attainable and attractive in the workplace.
DEBNER has been under the same ownership and management for the past 30 years.

We’ve built our legacy on a team of truly talented, passionate and genuine people. Our clients enjoy personal attentiveness and involvement from the highest levels of our company and a culture of leadership that permeates our organization.

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Tim Debner
Andrea Parker
Nancy Laningham
Vice President
Kim Debner
Alina Rusu
Account Coordinator
Anthony Gambrel
Workspace Design Manager
Beth Altimus
Workspace Designer
Bryant Campos
Project Coordinator
Carrie Karris
Account Coordinator
Carrie Walters
Account Coordinator
Charley Ham
Director of IT
Chelsea Wells
Account Manager
Cynthia Piro
Project Manager
Daniel Balderas
Project Coordinator
Danny Hyde
Facilities Manager
Dominique Torres
Doug Allison
Senior Workspace Designer
Dustin Carberry
Project Coordinator
Eduardo Zuniga
Install Supervisor
Erica Castillo
Accounts Payable
Felipe Reyes
Fabrication Craftsman
Germayn Guzman
Project Manager
Honey Groenendal
Showroom Manager
Hugo Terrazas
Refinishing Craftsman
Jackie Wheat
Director of Workplace Ideation
Jaelin Knapper
Workspace Designer
Janet Sanders
JoDee Stegmaier
Account Coordinator
Joe Vega
Project Manager
Juan Lopez
Upholstery Craftsman
Julia Harris
Director of Business Development
Julio Canales
Field Coordinator
Kalie Pettit
Marketing Coordinator
Katherine Koenig
Account Coordinator
Katie Sanchez
Workspace Designer
Kellie Welch
Project Coordinator
Lorenzo Garza
Install Supervisor
Mitch Weaver
Director of Project Management
Morne Coetzer
Business Development Executive
Pam Teel
Account Executive
Raul Meza
Install Supervisor
Rene Martinez
Workspace Designer
Rene Medina
Account Manager
Roala Baba
Account Manager
Santiago Leal
Warehouse Manager
Sonny Thomas
Account Executive