DEBNER’s partnership with MillerKnoll is built on a shared foundation of quality, sustainability, and modern design.

MillerKnoll is an effortless complement to DEBNER in our furnishing of successful and inspiring environments.

We pair our thoughtful planning and attentive service with MillerKnoll’s collective of dynamic brands to design for the good of humankind. Each brand offers a distinct perspective and a full portfolio of products to suit diverse needs.

The way you work.

DEBNER changes perspectives by changing environments through collaborative solutions and modern concepts. It’s not just about the furniture, it’s the way you work.

The way you meet.

Creativity and collaboration are synonymous and design doesn’t take a backseat to productivity. DEBNER solutions are dynamic, creating inherently collective spaces that are as tasteful as they are functional.

The way you help.

How you work is how you make an impact, make a difference. DEBNER spaces are more than furniture arrangements. They’re platforms for your success in making strides, accomplishing goals and fulfilling your organization’s vision.

The way you design.

No matter what you do, you’re in the business of creation and your workplace is where you create. DEBNER is your partner in designing a space with custom solutions that support and enhance your unique process.